Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Each pursuing their passion together.


Coca Cutie said...

Toutching paradoxe!

Carletta said...

I happened to notice the 4-H symbol on the recycle container - I was a 4-H girl many years ago.
Head, Hands, Heart, Health. Before you ask - no, my projects did not include raising farm animals. I baked and wrote poetry. :)
See where your pictures take me. LOL!

Small City Scenes said...

Fishing and reading. I too noticed the 4H symbol and the recycle tube. Neat. I was a 4H leader for 15years---yes it was Horses! MB

Janice Thomson said...

Just how it should be.

I won a lot of speeches in 4-H and my Angus steer won first prize and Safeways bought it - so there! LOL

"I Pledge...
My Head to clearer thinking,
My Heart to greater loyalty,
My Hands to larger service, and,
My Health for better living,
for My Club, my Community, my Country, and my World."
I think that's how it goes...